Overall, Sharon is quite good. She helped me partially work through a bunch of issues.

The only criticism I have is that she, as a beautiful youngish woman, doesn't seem to understand what dating is like for guys.

At one point she suggested that I, as a man in "obese class 2" (192cm, 140kg) go on a dating app. In my opinion, that was terrible advice, because dating apps specifically are quite looks-oriented. Obese dudes often just get their self-confidence crushed on dating apps.

Better advice would have been "go do some activities in the real world and maybe you'll find someone." I think that has a better chance of succeeding than being on a dating app, because in the real world you don't get immediately rejected based on looks and you can have a conversation and maybe connect.

Or alternatively, she could have advised me to do my inner work and hit the gym and lose some weight, which also would have been fine advice.

When I brought up my weight in the context of dating, she said that me being overweight was not a big problem and that lots of women were okay with overweight men. I'm not a psychologist or licensed healer, but I wonder if her statement would have been better than just telling me: "obesity is a disadvantage in the dating market. It can be overcome, but it's still a disadvantage. Ideally, do your inner work and then hit the gym and lose some weight. Or alternatively, compensate for that disadvantage by having strengths in other areas, and / or just don't have unrealistic standards / expectations yourself."

I'm sure that she, as a slim beautiful youngish woman herself, would be very successful on a dating app if she was so inclined. But I do expect that spiritual healers take the time to try and understand what the world is like for people other than themselves.

Admittedly later in the conversation she said "oh wait, I think that online dating might be quite tough for guys, I can send you some research on that if you wish." But 1) it still felt painful to me that she suggested that I go on a dating app in the first place, and 2) I asked her to indeed sent me that research and then she never did. I guess she forgot? Admittedly I never sent her a reminder to send me that research.

Other than that though, I sincerely benefitted from my sessions with her, and she was very helpful on other topics. I feel I got my money's worth. I recommend her to anyone who isn't a single dude struggling to date / find a sex-buddy.