'The Completion Process' is a must-read for anyone who has experienced trauma of any kind. Teal Swan brilliantly provides us with the necessary information about how we become branded by highly charged emotional events and then, from personal experience, she offers us a true healing process by giving us the practical tools to apply to our lives. This book will free you from your past.

- Dr. Joe Dispenza, New York Times best-selling author of 'You ARE the Placebo'

Teal does it again! Her extraordinary process will save you years of psychological and emotional struggle. She teaches you to go into your pain fearlessly instead of running from it, and to find the causes and solutions to everything that keeps you from a fulfilling life. She will help you recover your soul and write a new story of your life!

- Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., best-selling author of 'One Spirit Medicine' and 'Shaman, Healer, Sage'

I think the human race is going to evolve into a more peaceful race. And this process of healing from old personal trauma is a significant and necessary step in that evolution. So I think what Teal is teaching the whole world will be using in 50 years or less.

- Yasin Choudry, Integrative Psychiatrist

If we don't look at our own darkness and seek to transform ourselves individually, there will not be a greater healing.

- Grace Hogstead, Completion Process Practitioner

This Process for me is the most powerful process and key to resolve unreleased inner, emotional conflicts and to integrate subconscious blocked aspects of myself into my present where I get more access to my feeling experience and life energy. I am happy that the book is published now and It should come possibly in the hands of as much people as possible to enable self healing and empowerment!

- Manuela Miloschitsch, Completion Process Practitioner

In months after I got introduced to Teal and her Completion Process, I have changed - EVERYTHING in my life - including my job and the way I think of myself, of my work, clients, money, love and life in general. I have packed my belongings, sold and gave away all the "stuff" I was holding onto, and left the city, country, region, the continent which was my home for over a decade, traveled the world and gained SO MUCH wisdom and love since...This gorgeous woman, Teal Swan, really is my Angel and I am truly blessed and SO grateful to the Universe for connecting me with her and her truly transformational technique Completion Process.

- Angelica, Completion Process Practitioner

My child self is now a part of me, and he's teaching me how to feel. I can feel :) (feel my needs, feel my emotions...I've been numb for years now), which is something that I didn't think would happen . Life is so much more fun now. I don't have to be in pain anymore. I can choose to avoid the things that hurt me altogether. I also can't smoke anymore. I'm finally getting somewhere... Thank you for this gift, I can't thank you enough!"

- Peter, Completion Process User

This completion process is more powerful than i imagined. It's not to abstract and not to confusing to follow and to get into. The best part of it is that you deal with your problems and fears trough the hart of a child. I can't say that i was completely engulfed with emotions because of my overthinking and mental nature, but I can say that at one point when I reunited with my inner child I felt the the most serene and loving feeling, and that's enough for me! After the process i definitely felt that the problems that i had have significantly lost their ability to impact my life! Thanks a lot Angelica!"

- Rune, Client of Angelica (A Completion Process Practitioner)

The Completion Process is the most powerful, direct way of releasing trauma, expanding whilst connecting to my inner truth and becoming in alignment with my manifesting potential.

- Iva, Client of Angelica (Completion Process Practitioner)

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