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  • Jana Becher

  • Jana Becher
  • Jana
  • Becher
  • Ancestral Trauma, Boundaries Codependency, General Practice, Parts Work, Self Love, Sensitivity
  • Contact Info

  • Germany
  • Send an email to jana[at] to make an appointment. To make the scheduling process easier, please let me know the time zone you are in and when you generally have time in the next few days or week.

  • About Yourself

  • Hi there,
    My name is Dr. Jana Becher. I am an emotional healing and transformation coach, energy healer, and spiritual teacher.
    It is my passion to assist you in resolving whatever holds you back, reconnecting with your true Self, and realizing your full potential. In more that 15 years, I have learned from and worked with many different teachers who have mastered the art of healing, energy work, and of self-empowerment. I am trained and certified in various leading edge trauma healing modalities such as CP and MAT (Metaphysical Anatomy Technique, Level 3, trained and certified by Evette Rose).
    I will gently guide you through the process, providing you with unconditional presence, love, and support. The session will be completely focused on your needs and I will hold space for you and your unique experience.
    Each session is a life-changing experience and I would love to be there with and for you!
    Much love, Jana

  • 165 €
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  • English, German
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