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  • Hannah Ohlwiler
  • Abandonment
  • Contact Info

  • 435.690.8173

  • About Yourself

  • SHADOW: Incest, Abandonment, Religion and Patriarchy, Betrayal

    LIGHT: Empowerment, Connection, Balancing Divine Masculine and Feminine, Grounding, Trust

    PRACTICING: Vibrational, Sound, Shamanic and Earth Healing Arts


    I can see into the place you’re going and guide you gently along the way as you’re discovering yourself and loving yourself better. We will follow your emotions through your inner landscape to the wounds that need your presence to heal. Lets be with the parts that are still hurting, so you can know your essence of goodness. Gather all of you to share with the world. You are a shining star, beam your beauty.


    I was molested by my Grandpa, when I was 6. This was my initiation into the "Wounded Healer" Archetype. I felt abandoned by my folks and Grandma, and God. I could trust no one to protect me so I decided I was on my own. I was raised in the Mormon church, went to college, then married in the temple.

    At 27 someone asked me what I believed. I had no idea. I could only recite what I had memorized in church, as we were not encouraged to think for ourselves. Once I realized I could trust my self to make good decisions, I left my husband, the church, my family, my job, my god, my house. I started over, on my own again, this time by choice. Soon after, my jeep was stolen too with my most valued belongings. A clean slate. I got a guitar, and started singing and writing songs. I took trips to the desert and bonded with the land. I started a graphic design business.

    I kept choosing relationships with men who were not actually available, so they couldn't leave me, which led to many betrayals, more sense of abandonment and isolation to avoid pain.

    When my grandpa died about age 30, my memories were made available to me and I started therapy. I went on a vision quest, reconnected with universal life force, and discovered the practice of Latihan. I began to purge the pain and confusion, and this showed up as chronic sciatica. The doctors could only numb the pain, so I began seeking relief from many healers over about 6 years.

    I collected healing tools all over the world, and began to study the healing arts. Shamanic centering and alignment, Tibetan Sound Healing, Maori energy and body work, Thai Massage, Japanese Reiki, and the Latihan from Indonesia. These modalities enhance my ability to hold space. Recently through a Pranic Living initiation, I was able to start over once again with my beliefs, much like the last time. Choosing what I want to believe about myself, society, the world, while anchored by hope. I had a massive physical and mental detox, which has allowed me to access my clair senses. I can see how a vegan diet optimizes me. I got a good look at escapism through disordered eating after the fasting, as well as dissociation.

    It is a long road to my empowerment, and I am grateful for the connection that comes through healing sessions. Clients say that my voice is soothing, and my presence is grounding yet expansive. It feels natural to hold space, tune in and dive deep. Completion Process is very intuitive for me, and follows a flow.

  • Sessions last 1-3 hours
  • $50 per hour
  • English
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