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  • Maarja Lall

  • Maarja Lall
  • Maarja
  • Lall
  • Isolation, Fear, Relationships, Self Love, Sensitivity, Shame
  • Contact Info

    This is for us to explore your needs and for you to know more about the process. We will also see if we are a match to embark on this journey together.

    -SESSIONS: I use Completion Process, parts work and channeling when working with people and I’m also trained in counselling and psychology (Tallinn University).

    Rate: 90€ (1,5 hours)
    50€ each additional 1 hour


    All sessions are available on skype / zoom or in person if possible. Currently I am based in Tallinn (Estonia). I also work with people on a long-term basis. If you wish to do that, go ahead and get in touch, so we can create a solution together.


  • About Yourself

  • To heal is to experience the opposite. With many topics, but especially with abandonment and isolation, we need others to be able to heal ourselves. No matter how much we want to believe that we can, or should, do it on our own. It is my wish to you that you start choosing being supported, in the way that feels good to you now.

    The approach I use with people who find their way to me, is what I know worked for me. Completion Process and Parts Work have turned my life around and they can do that for you too. Coming from anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies and isolation, I am now living a life that I'm truly excited about and feel good to be a part of. I was a highly sensitive child, growing up in an alcoholic family in which I experienced the lost child dynamic. Neglect and acute awareness of the chaos, conflict and pain that I was absorbing and internalizing, led me to want to commit suicide before reaching teens.

    I left home in my early youth, as the environment felt unsafe and cruel and I desperately needed a way out. I left, taking along feelings of shame and anxiety. I was feeling lost, left out, fragile, sad, powerless and completely alone in the world. The way back to truly starting to live again, connecting with myself and others, meant becoming aware of the origin of the feelings that were guiding my behavior. There was no other way, but to go towards the storm inside me, turning myself to face it directly, to allow, understand, accept and move through it. The work I did on myself and with others brought me back in touch with my sensitive side and my gifts: the empath and the healer inside me. It also made me want to consciously commit to learning to show love towards myself and this choice was ultimately what turned my life around.

    I now understand myself in the way that I never thought was even possible back then and this has given me a sense of peace and feeling settled in myself. I've come to embrace my sensitivity and see it as a gift that helps me to connect deeply and attune to people. It's as if I had been in a dark room for a long time, where things just happened to me and then I slowly started to take the curtains off, and realized more and more that things can be different in ways that weren't imaginable or accessible before.

    What I'm devoted to and have developed in myself, is helping people transform their emotional states, reactions and to integrate aspects of themselves that are pulling in different directions. I use Completion Process, Parts Work (with channeling), and other shadow work modalities in working with clients. I also hold a counselling qualification from Avitus MTÜ and I am currently studying Psychology at Tallinn University. I find that unconditional presence is the strongest healing force, and it is what is needed for creating resolution in us.
    During a session, I will be attuned to your emotions and energy and I will be using different tools to gently and firmly guide you into creating resolve and reconnecting with the You that is bigger than your experience. '

    There is so much more in the world that you can experience if you stop reliving the trauma and the associated patterns. I want to help you get there.


  • Rate: 90€ (1,5-hour); additional hour 50€/h
  • English, Estonian
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