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  • Marianne Laurence

  • Marianne Laurence
  • Marianne
  • Laurence
  • Abandonment, Self Acceptance, Anxiety, Narcisissm, Depression, Eating Disorders, Gaslighting, Parts Work, Perfectionism, Confidence, Shame
  • Contact Info

  • One session is approximately between 90 and 120 minutes. I charge 130 USD per session. If we go above 2 hours, I start charging 1$ per minute.

    You can book a session with me directly on my website or send me an email for more information at

  • About Yourself

  • My way of relating and speaking to people, starting at a young age, defined my sense of self. It was biggest strength. Even as a child, I would 'get' people right away. Information about them would suddenly come to me and I seemed to always know what to say. I now know that I have claircognizant and clairsentient abilities and being a Completion Process Practitioner, I feel stronger than ever that I can help change peoples lives. I was told when I got my CPP certification that Teal shared a ''F*ck yes!'' level of enthusiasm when it came to certifying me, so that's a whole lot of validation right there.

    A little about me: I went from an expressive free-loving child to a goody-goody two shoes quite quickly. I grew up without a sense of boundaries and got in line to avoid being rejected. This lack of self-esteem made me a pushover, especially at school. I wanted to be told I was good at any cost. I was terrified of letting people down or of coming across as 'bad.' Authenticity wasn't an option for me and integrity was a foreign concept. I was so disconnected with who I was that I turned to eating to fill this void I felt inside, binging brought me relief, but then started a cycle of shame.

    My ability to morph into whatever persona felt safe worked wonders, until I had to wake up. The emptiness I felt inside could not be shaken off and I knew I had to do something about the painful patterns I held onto. That's when the real work began.

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  • English, French
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