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  • Amber Taylor

  • Amber Taylor
  • Amber
  • Taylor
  • Abandonment, Self Acceptance, Addictions, Ancestral Trauma, General Practice, Shame
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  • $125 for up to two hours.

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  • I know a thing or two about abandonment including of ONESELF in all the ways possible. I think that is the core wound I came here to work on, abandonment, it's in the contract that I would get plenty of opportunity to work on this wound. Ultimately I still struggle some with wanting to leave myself when things get rough but I'm learning to "lean in" to myself for a hug and a cry and quiet time too. I'm letting others in more now too. I like to share what helps me with others so you might find your way back to yourself step by step. You are your own Guru.

    Dance and breath work are tools I like to use regularly in my personal practice. I use crystals and plant medicine, essential oils, music, ritual and ceremony to celebrate, pray and give thanks and to give small things meaning. Too many things, especially in the west have no meaning. It's time to bring back meaning to even the smallest of things like drinking fresh water, tasting it on your tongue and praying for those that don't have it while giving thanks that you do at this moment. Be present each moment by attuning to your breath. #breathe

    I've used the body (somatic therapy) as a way into the heart and soul for some years now and that's part of what I teach to my yoga students. I like yoga and other somatic practices in order to feel what's happening in the body and therefore what's happening in the heart. Working with the breath to access the emotions and using the body to feel grounded and embodied in this human life experience we are having right now (not yesterday and not tomorrow).

    It's been a LONG road to this place that I'm at today typing these words. My father died 11 years ago this month (Jan 2019) and when he did; I questioned everything. Were my beliefs my own? Were any beliefs stale and old? I started changing my life to what it has become today, more free and authentic than ever! I started shifting the paradigms in my family back generations and forward too. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it!

    I feel called to teach what I have learned on this healing path so far. I'd love to help guide you back to "your little child" that you may have left alone at certain times because it's what you had to do to feel safe, leave yourself. Relationships are EVERYTHING and that starts with yourself. YOU ARE YOUR OWN GURU! <3

  • $125
  • English
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