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  • Ruth Leysner

  • Ruth Leysner
  • Ruth
  • Leysner
  • Connection, Neglect Feeling and Expressing Emotions, Powerlessness
  • Contact Info

  • Contact Ruth by sending an email to and shortly describe why you would like a session. Please add a few optional dates and timeframes that would work for you. A session can take up to 3 hours and will be on Skype/Messenger/Zoom.

    Make sure you reserve enough time for this session, so we can focus on you without any distraction.

    (response will be within 3 days)

  • About Yourself

  • Ruth learned about the Completion Process in 2016. After having her own Neuroptimal practice, she wanted to know what more she could do for herself and others. She went to a few Synchronisation workshops and met Teal on stage in Basel, Switzerland. In 2017 she went to Costa Rica and became a Completion Process Certified Practitioner.

    After Costa Rica, she took time for herself to dive more into her own shadows and also to follow her joy.

    At the same time she was an animal rights advocate and went on a 6 month journey through 17 countries to hold workshops, organise events and build up communities. After this successful but very intense journey with seeing a lot of suffering and dealing with a lot of toxic behaviour, she was burned out and went back to the Netherlands and took time to heal and again focus on herself. Because of this journey she realised the necessity of working with our own shadows on a much deeper level. How can we heal the world, while we are neglecting our own suffering on the inside? While we are still neglecting and hurting ourself and each other so much? External conditions mirror internal conditions.... It suddenly didn't make sense to continue advocating in the same way she did before and she realised 'the change' really needed to start with(in) herself, Now.

    After giving the needed A-ttention to herself, she regained energy and insight of the things she truly wanted in life. Her goal is to find peace within us (integration) which will also bring peace outside of us. Helping people by being present with them while diving into their shadows, giving them A-ttention and being their mirror. She knows how important it is to BE SEEN as she missed out on having this mirror herself while growing up. This led up to not knowing and crossing boundaries and a long journey in trying and failing to access selfworth.
    ''By being seen, we heal and come alive''

    She has dealt with depression, anxiety, fatigue/burn-out and patterns of self neglect, feeling stuck, relationship grief.

    Clients describe Ruth as: patient, intuitive, safe, warm, trustful, respectful, direct, loving

    Besides the Completion Process, Ruth works with Neuroptimal Neurofeedback, PSYCH-K, Access Bars and intuitive healing.

  • 150
  • English, Dutch
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