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  • Therese Titus

  • Therese Titus
  • Therese
  • Titus
  • Denial, Safety, Connecting With Your Heart, Powerlessness, Self Love, Shame
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  • I have limited availability.

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  • I facilitate and hold safe space for clients to drop fully into their body to integrate triggered feelings they otherwise avoid by numbing or running with detrimental behaviors. I currently specialize in core shadow feelings of powerlessness, betrayal and anger.

    Naturally we resist uncomfortable feelings and many times deny them. When we’re numb to areas of hurt in our lives, we’re also numb to our ability to feel joy and peace. There’s a sense that something is missing or a confusion as to why we became emotionally distressed.  When we experience emotional upset we are re-living an old hurt that is crying for acknowledgment

    As a child I experienced severe systematic trauma in which my memories were repressed and didn’t surface until later in life. The Completion Process has assisted me to look deeply into myself to successfully accept and integrate this buried pain. Today I can experience joy, peace and satisfaction that wasn’t possible just a few years earlier. In my life’s work I’ve healed from severe mental illness, panic disorder, drug and alcohol addiction, bulimia, binge eating and chronic depression.

    I been working as a registered nurse since 1997. I live half the year in Arizona and the other half in Alaska. Today I am a lover of life !!!

  • $120 with sliding scale
  • English
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