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  • Doug Courtois

  • Douglas Courtois
  • Doug
  • Courtois
  • Abandonment, Connection, Isolation, Fear, Grief, Sexual Trauma
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  • In my childhood I experienced a great amount of emotional trauma. It is because of this I am able to meet you in your deepest pain. My curiosity and desire to know my eternal self has lead me to the practice of emotional exploration.  My gifts of clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing) allow for a deeper connection to my clients enabling them to feel seen. Offering my unconditional presence during our sessions to those aspects that are calling your attention makes me feel so in alignment with my purpose here on Earth. In our sessions together we may utilize The Completion Process, parts work, The Connection Process, or generalized practice. Each session is tailored to the clients needs. Helping others to realize the unseen perspective, the power within them and watching that unfold, brings me joy!

    ​I’m a Channel... One of my biggest passions is offering universal perspective! Often times this information is channeled. If there is information you are meant to hear it will naturally come to the surface to be shared with you. By attuning to your current vibration I offer insights that can help you with your current situation.

    ​SPECIALTIES: Sexual trauma, abandonment, connection, isolation, fear, grief, The Victim Control Dynamic, alcoholism, gaslighting, safety, physical abuse, parts work

    Channeled message... “The likeness that we all share between us is our connection to emotional trauma. We have each other to heal together.”

    ​Free 20 min. Initial consultation.

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