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  • Asanka Abayasiri

  • Asanka Abayasiri
  • Asanka
  • Abayasiri
  • Self Acceptance, Parts Work, Purpose, Relationships, Self Love, Confidence
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  • We are all driven by our very own unique needs! Whether it is relief from challenging situations, success in our endeavours, rewarding and loving relationships, whatever it maybe for each of us. Most often though, we are not aware of our unconscious resistances to the very desires we seek, as otherwise we would already be having and experiencing these. My intention for anyone is that, through their own choice and empowerment, to be in the flow of freedom and necessary resources to live in the truth of their being, and to create the very life they want to feel and experience.

    A bit about my journey to date...
    It all started in late teens when I began to question why life is littered with suffering, unfairness and disappointments. From this ‘Why?’, began a life long quest to ‘crack the code of life’. Having learnt numerous modalities, Teal’s teachings, guidance and processes brought the clarity and understanding I had been seeking, and now each day paving the way for an adventure of a lifetime.

    Incorporated modalities: Parts Work, Channeling, Shamanism, Energy Work.

    Initial 20 min Discovery Session to connect and explore energy match.

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