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  • Steph Potter

  • Steph Potter
  • Steph
  • Potter
  • Abandonment, Anxiety, Boundaries Codependency, Relationships, Sexual Trauma, Shame
  • Contact Info

  • I am available for online sessions.
    I also offer sessions in person from London.
    If you have any questions, please email me.
    I offer a free 20 minute consultation to see if we are a match to work together.

  • About Yourself

  • If you are ready to go deep and require someone who can lovingly hold space, then my invitation is here. I am a qualified psychotherapist, and have training in Non Violent Communication.

    "Powerful is (s)he who has dispelled the curse of wretchedness". Spotter (that's me!)
    I believe the greatest illusion is that we are inherently bad. My desire is for people to free themselves of this illusion. When we understand that love is our essence, that we are not what happened to us, nor our thoughts nor feelings, then we can allow ourselves a life we deserve. I'm breaking free from a deeply ingrained self concept of shame. And I want to help others to do the same.

    After a traumatic ayahuasca experience in 2017, it took a year of panic attacks and desperation to integrate and move beyond the trauma that had been reignited by the medicine. I had entered (as Teal informed me) a 'hell construct'. I later understood the experience to be highlighting an aspect of my soul that had been stuck since I was raped at the age of 6. I undertook the Completion Process and released myself from feeling powerless, alone and in absolute terror. I also released deep shame, when I was able to return to the memory and see my innocence. I can now look people in the eyes and no longer need to attract situations that reflect any belief about being 'bad'.

    I was blessed with four parents, so lots of issues from each one! Abandonment and enmeshment trauma and co-dependent relationships are what I've been exquisitely good at! These life cards have enabled me to powerfully learn boundaries. Also being highly sensitive and suffering anxiety I've now learnt to work with whatever arises and understand that nothing I feel is wrong, this has helped me with anxiety as there's more space for me to just be!

    I'm a qualified psychotherapist and now primarily work in somatic therapy, shadow work, intuitive healing and channeling of parts. I also use Circling as a tool for authentic relating, this helps access our truth and can be useful for separating our own experiences from the projections of others.

    As well as training in integrative psychotherapy, I've attended courses in Non Violent Communication, Psychosynthesis, Gestalt therapy and Vipassana meditation.

    Enough about me...
    I encourage you to be your unique self, and I look forward to hearing from you should our higher selves decide.

  • £90 for up to 1.5 hour session
  • £20 each additional 30 minutes
  • English
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