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  • Luna Tzu-Ching Ni

  • Luna
  • Luna Tzu-Ching
  • Ni
  • Core Negative Imprint, Existential Crisis, Family Crisis, Grief, Parts Work, Relationships
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  • Here are my specialities and passions as a spiritual guide and a Completion Process Certified Practitioner:

    • Orphan Trauma (Emotional trauma of being an orphan in childhood and adulthood)

    • Emotional Neglect (The trauma caused by the absence of what is needed, Inner void/Emptiness)

    • Grief (Loss trauma, Death of loved ones, Heartbreak, Relationship Breakups)

    • Self Love (Self Approval, Self Acceptance, Self Appreciation, Healthy personal boundaries/Healthy ego, Softness)

    • Enmeshment Trauma (Non-existence, Self discovery, Self expression, Rejection trauma, Fear of self disclosure and closeness)

    • Belonging & Loneliness & Isolation

    • Success (Commitment issues, What’s in the way of your success)

    • Relationship Issues (Fear of Relationships, Insecure Attachment Styles, Safety In Relationships)

    • Insignificance Trauma (Invisibility/Being ignored)

    • Needs Related Trauma (being denied of/shamed for your needs and having needs, feeling guilty and powerless to have your needs met by others or yourself, The surety/consistency/security of your needs being met with love and softness)

    Before booking sessions, please read through the liability waiver to decide if you agree with what is stated. Proceeding to engage in sessions with Luna is consenting to what is stated in this liability waiver.

    Full bio:

  • €120/1.5 hours
  • Mandarin, English
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