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  • Christine Dürschner

  • Christine Dürschner
  • Christine
  • Dürschner
  • Isolation, Intimacy, Disassosiation, Parts Work, Anger, Relationships
  • Contact Info

  • Hello, thank for your getting in contact.

    As the Completion Process Journey is an ongoing approach I offer tripple-packages only.

    Before the first session we will have a free Zoom call for 30 minutes, to get to know each other and to have the chance to confirm to work together or not.

    I look forward to get to know you.
    See you 🙂 - Christine

    PS: One single session is 155 EUR. When you choose three dates it will add on to 465 EUR. This is wrong. The price for 3 sessions is 380 EUR.

  • About Yourself

  • Specialty: Isolation Trauma, Repressed anger, Relationships, Suppressed Emotion,

    Due to my isolation trauma caused by 2 months of being in an incubator after premature birth, I had to learn how to find ways to connect and bridge to people as I always felt isolated, not seen even if I reached out and felt not good enough in nearly all aspects of my life.

    I felt separated, lonely and unwanted. My own way of healing became the foundation of my work – holding space for Healing the Emotional Body and to get my fragmented aspects back together again.

    Thinking through complexity, connecting, bridging and transporting values have always been at the foundation of my work, while I have developed into my profession as a coach and trainer. I love to hold space to find new answers, new decisions, new individual approaches for the most important life questions of people.

    I am a Communication- & RelationshipCoach and a certified Completion Process Facilitator since May 2016 and Possibility Management Trainer since 2014.

    Before I started my Completion Tour 2017 in March 2017 through Europe, where I brought the completion process and coaching into the living rooms of 16 people, I lived from 2011 to 2017 in Schloss Glarisegg, an intentional community with 40 adults and 20 kids. We practised communication and relationship skills in our daily life. This shaped my life into a different form. Like getting new clothes on but first you need to get nacked.

    The reason why I decided to start helping people is actually because I started to feel again.

    This core value of my work connected me to Teals work the most. Possibility Management came across my life in 2012 and it blew me away. I started to feel again!!

    My purpose in life is to empower people to live in the flow of life, riding the waves of the ocean of life together, connected to people you love.

    I guide people into a safe space, where they allow themselves to feel, to integrate and finally to heal themselves.

    Languages: German ( I understand Swiss German) & English

  • Tripple-Online: 380 EUR (each 2 hrs)
  • Tripple-Live (Switzerland) 425 EUR
  • English, German
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