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  • Jeanne Surmont
  • Ancestral Trauma, Burnout, Depression, General Practice, Self Love, Separation
  • Contact Info

  • Dear soul,
    I am happy you got here.
    Contact me with the form below
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    or to schedule a session.
    If you need further details about my
    procedures, please visit this page:
    I am looking forward to connecting with you.

  • About Yourself

  • * Licensed Alternative Psychotherapist and Art Therapist in Munich, Germany
    * CPCP since May 2016
    * Certified Body-Centered Heart Work/"Körperzentrierte Herzensarbeit" (modality to integrate emotions through heart-opening techniques) since 2012
    * Many years of ancient shamanic healing experience
    * Complementary healing with art - music - movement
    * Born in the seventies, raised in France and Germany
    * Lived in France, Germany, USA, Egypt

    I have worked with traumatized aspects since many years, first with myself and since 2012 gradually with more and more clients. I see my role as to guide you to become conscious of your emotions and your fragmented and suppressed aspects and support you to integrate them as part of you. I will hold space for you in which all of your issues will receive space and can be traced back to their origin. I would be honored to help you to integrate these aspects, to heal your wounds, to become whole again and to be part of your journey to the core. 💜

  • 140 Euro / 150 $ (2-2,5 h) (20% off for students/social welfare)
  • 80 Euro / 100 $ (20% off for students/social welfare)
  • English, German, French
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