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  • Oksana Shiv

  • Oksana Shiv
  • Oksana
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  • Since my early childhood I used to have a feeling of "existing" on the planet Earth, and not fully living or experiencing my life. I forgot what it meant to feel joy and happiness. I was running away from how I felt and just could not feel anything but pervasive sadness.
    Since I started doing Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) and The Completion Process my life has changed. I started learning that emotions are here FOR us and not against us. Our emotions are our Guidance System that provide a feedback from our Higher Self, and help us move in the direction of our Joy and Happiness.
    We should not resist them otherwise their energy will get stagnated and will begin to torment us. What we resist will persist. Unexpressed emotions will start deteriorate the body and cause physical and psychological symptoms. Instead embrace them fully, immerse in them, learn from them. Emotions are the messengers. What message do they want to bring up to the surface for us? I am speaking from my personal experience of healing physically and emotionally.

    Certifications include: certified facilitator of The Completion Process; certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner; certified Ayurvedic practitioner (nutrition and life style)

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