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  • Lanna Lake

  • Lanna Lake
  • Lanna
  • Lake
  • Abandonment, Boundaries Codependency, CPTSD, Depression, Incest, Shame
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    1 CP session is 90 minutes

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  • I offer guidance and support to people recovering from sexual, physical, emotional abuse because I am intimately familiar with all the replications of such trauma. Session time is a safe container where you can be yourself completely and allow all of your parts to come up and be seen. I will acknowledge and see whatever comes up, whether it’s a busy mind that puts up walls as it is afraid for you to dive deep, or concerned parts whose concerns we will address before we go any further.

    In the session you are allowed to completely express yourself and your emotions. Crying, screaming, sobbing, being quiet or even turning off the camera are all allowed.

    I use the completion process and parts work as main modalities in integrations. In my healing journey I’ve used many other tools and if I feel intuitively that any of them could be helpful I’ll mention that to you.

    “Lanna was my practitioner when I was going through a tough break up. I had many painful triggers come to the surface during that time and afterwards. Lanna always gave me her presence and I felt completely safe with her. I often come across a wall that does not allow me to go into the feeling but Lanna helped me get past the barrier so I could feel all of the emotion and heal that aspect of myself. She has a gift of being able to bring up emotions we have buried deep within ourselves and bring them to the light of our consciousness. I can’t recommend her highly enough and I am so grateful for all her help.” ― LAURA STUKAS
    "Lanna has been a significant source of comfort, kindness, openness and support along my journey. She has a warm, genuine, and authentic space about her that creates the conditions to be safe with her. She is not too fast and not to slow with jumping in to assist. I have always found her to be just right. I would describe her as a comforting friend or warm blanket.” ― SAM JOHNSON
    For more about my healing journey, testimonials and to book a session go to

  • 80 USD
  • 60 USD
  • English, Russian
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