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  • Jake Barlow

  • Jake Barlow
  • Jake
  • Barlow
  • Abundance, Ancestral Trauma, Anxiety, Play, Divine Masculine, Parts Work
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  • Jake Barlow is a Psychic-Intuitive Energy Healer, Transformational Coach and Fire Shaman.

    Through his voice and his sacred drum, he has worked with several well-known and highly esteemed spiritual teachers, and has done energetic shamanic work at several sacred sites across the globe, including the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Botswana and Costa Rica. 

    "My intention is to be a supportive facilitator for your own personal healing process and self-discoveries. I provide whatever tools that I have at my disposal, and that are deemed necessary, to ensure that you leave each session feeling empowered, relaxed and with a greater sense of clarity of purpose. Ultimately, I wish to see each of you lead a life in which you thrive and not merely survive; to allow abundance in all forms to come to you on all levels - materialistically, socially, emotionally, spiritually etc. I serve to help you in becoming a master of Self; to help you reconnect with aspects that may have been separated, lost, forgotten, so you can feel complete and whole within yourself, as a joyful expression of Source incarnate.

    I have worked with a variety of clients ranging from serious physical illness, to emotional neglect and a wide variety of mental and emotional health issues.

    Having suffered from Social Anxiety, Depression, and having recovered from Suicide attempts and an episode of Schizophrenia, I know what it takes to fully heal and transform. My goal is to assist as a nurturing and supportive guide for your own liberation and process.

  • £140
  • £70
  • English
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