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  • Tomass Lacis

  • Tomass Lacis
  • Tomass
  • Lacis
  • Boundaries Codependency
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  • Please think of how different & happier your life could look after a big transformation.

    How much time do you spend each week to deal with negative stuff?
    How much more time, energy and freedom would you enjoy if you found resolution?
    Which areas of your life would benefit from the positive changes the Completion Process provides?

    The positive changes you seek for your life will be supported not only by me offering Completion Process for you, but also many other spiritual practices as well as life coaching advice in general.

  • About Yourself

  • This is for YOU!

    You deserve to be cared for at each moment of your life, but ESPECIALLY NOW, when you read this!

    You deserve unconditional and loving presence.
    You deserve to FINALLY get YOUR needs met!
    You deserve someone so attuned to you INDIVIDUALLY, to make you feel truly SEEN, UNDERSTOOD and SUPPORTED.

    You deserve someone creative enough to jump over or magically snap away the big (emotional) obstacles in your life!

    You deserve a deep sense of true BELONGING and solidarity with others that cures the deep wound of artificial separation and hurting loneliness.

    I wholeheartedly wish you relief, fulfillment and healing.


    Now that the above is said, it feels right for me to introduce myself:

    Hi! I’m Tomass : )

    Yes, right! My name is written differently because of my Latvian origins. Since 1995, I live in Berlin, Germany.

    The story of my trauma had a lot to do with my abusive family. In fact, being the only child raised in a foreign country, it took me until my teenage years to become really aware of the mental and emotional abuse, chess gaming and denial my family drowned me in.

    I know it all:

    Feeling alienated by unconscious classmates and insensitive teachers, having long periods of depression, witnessing physical and emotional violence.

    During my Dark Night of the Soul (existential crisis) before starting my koan practice (from Zen Buddhism), I experienced massive panic attacks and extreme spiritual phenomena. Knowing the extremes of acute spiritual/existential crisis first hand makes me REALLY emphatic about it. Many years of meditation and other spiritual practice give me the foundation to help you in such tough times and help you to ground.

    I hold a Bachelor degree in Communications in the Context of Society and Economy from the University of Arts in Berlin.

    Also, I’m the second lineage holder/successor from my Buddhist spiritual teacher Dr. Marianne Wachs.

    As written above, every Completion Process session with me is highly individual and unfolds in a way that benefits YOU the most.

    I would LOVE to facilitate a Completion Process for you, contact me! : )

  • English, German
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