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  • Sergio Garcia

  • Sergio Garcia
  • Sergio
  • Garcia
  • Divine Masculine
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  • My untouchable world collapsed a few years ago when I was randomly stabbed by a drunk man. I was mistaken for someone else while walking to my car to take my friends home. It was my turn to be the designated driver and what had seemed to be a fun night out with my friends ended as the most horrific night of my whole entire life.

    Depression, fear and anxiety soon took over my life completely. Even after the physical healing I could no longer study, I could no longer eat, I could’t even get out of bed for months. All that I really wanted was to get back out of bed, to get out of that wheel chair and to get back to my regular routine.

    I tried forcing myself into anything and everything just for any feeling of relief from feeling hopeless. I was dreading the fear of me losing everything that I worked so hard for. My physical appearance, my social confidence, my academic progress… gone. Even at my most intense points of PTSD I had doubts if I could survive at all. I no longer felt any safety or trust in others. I couldn’t trust any of my own actions, and I completely doubted all of my personal beliefs of what a life well lived looks like.

    Two years later, my brothers (Kris & Stanly) and I met Teal Swan. In a short time we formed an incredible friendship. We even joined her community at her retreat center in Costa Rica. In our time there she lovingly gave my brothers and I the tools to really creating the life and finding the real relief that we were looking for. Since I really started to work with and apply Teal’s teachings, my life has truly shifted.

    The Completion Process is the one thing that has truly helped me to unhook my current shackles and has helped me to move toward a more integrated life. With every session I facilitate I get more lessons and insight about myself on my own journey. I see how my traumas are here in service not only to myself, but, also as an aid to helping others heal, learn and grow from theirs. Through my pain, I can relate to your physical and emotional pain as well. I am always a vibrational match when crossing paths with my clients. I always relate to those whom I work with in some form.

    I am a Completion Process Practitioner because I am rebuilding my trust with myself and others. This is how I ‘pick myself back up’. By helping other people unshackle their traumas, my clients help me do the same. I provide the necessary safety from a grounded masculine perspective to allow the space and guidance through your specific challenges and traumas. I can provide the safety for you to release your childhood baggage. This is why I do this work. To help you realign with your own truths, your own gifts, your own mission and your own essence.

    From my own aspirations and achievements, I specialize in: Achieving Your Ultimate Success, PTSD, Depression, Getting Unstuck, Self Discovery and Personal Empowerment.

    Ofrezco sesiones en Español.

  • $165
  • Spanish, English
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