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  • Dennis Pascal

  • Dennis Pascal
  • Dennis
  • Pascal
  • Abandonment, Divine Masculine, Neglect Feeling and Expressing Emotions, Parts Work, PTSD, Anger, Shame
  • Contact Info

    This is the space for us to get to know each other, feel each other and to find out whether it is right and in
    alignment to embark on this journey together. Here you can ask all your questions! Let's find out how I can
    support you and what your needs are!

    Regular Rate: 180€
    4-Session Package: 680€
    8-Session Package: 1280€

    Concessionary Rate: 150€
    4-Session Package: 550€
    8-Session Package: 1050€

    Feel free to choose which rate feels more in alignment for you right now.

    1 Session: 111€
    6-Session Package: 599€
    In a Parts-Channeling Session I will take on the energy of a requested part of yours and express its truth to you.
    We will have a conversation and you can ask "me" being in the energy of your part/ yourself anything concerning a topic that is relevant to you.
    Example: If you ask me to channel the part of you that is most in resistance to you changing your job, you will be able to get to know this part of you by asking it for its feelings, its needs and its desires. The idea is to seek genuine understanding and an organic way to come closer to this part of yourself, so that you both can find out what next steps feel good to the both of you related to your specific circumstance.
    By choosing to be present for any part of you, you simultaneously integrate with that part - it is now being made conscious. By exposing a part of yourself to the light of conscousness, an alchemical process takes place whereby the merging of this part and the totality of you begins to happen. In this way your energies will align on a deeper level, you'll be able to move forward in your specific circumstance and - by Law of Attraction - experience more ease in your manifestation process.
    Parts Channeling is useful for anyone who is experiencing blocks related to any topic and doesn't know what is causing the block. If you have difficulty accessing your intuition or simply feel unaware of the dynamics at play within your psyche, this session will bring you more clarity and understanding.
    If you feel uncomfortable in any moment, we can also address those parts from an outside perspective, meaning without me channeling them right away but sharing what I perceive about them intuitively. This way we can start a conversation and then, when it feels safer, go into the actual channeling.
    Additionally I will support you in identifying steps that you can take to move forward with this new awareness.

    DATES: program start every 1st or 15th of each month - 2 SPOTS available each intake - please connect with me to check for availability! 😉
    STRUCTURE: 1x Assesment & First Coaching & Intuitive / Channeled Parts Reading (2 Hours); 7x Emotional Integration Coaching Sessions (2 Hours each) including Body Oriented Process Work, Parts Work, Parts Channeling & The Completion Process; 2x Resource-Oriented Coaching Sessions including ThetaHealing® & Parts Channeling (1,5 Hours each); 3x Coaching Calls (30min each); 1x Full ThetaHealing® / Parts Channeling Session (1 Hour)
    VISION: Let’s support you being in alignment with a goal, outcome, desire or quality of life you really want to establish, embody and manifest into your reality! Let’s enable you to EXPAND IN(TO) AND FROM A PLACE OF LOVE. Let’s dive deep into your emotions, find healing integration, release old patterns, shift your mindset and help you embrace your inherent power to change your life!
    Want to know more?
    Please check out for more details including a in depth program description and a testimonial! 1-time payment or 2-month payment plan available.


    TO BOOK a 25min Free Consultation or a Parts Channeling Session, please go to:
    TO BOOK a single Emotional Integration Coaching Session (= Completion Process / Parts Work Session) or a 4-/ 8-Session Package, both at regular or concessionary rate, go to
    After your booking, a zoom-link will be sent to your email-address as soon as possible.

    The payment for each session is due before the (first) session and can be transferred on .
    A full Emotonal Integration Coaching Session (= Completion Process / Parts Work Session) will be maximum 2 hours long. A full Parts Channeling Session will be maximum 1 hour long.
    Please make sure to reserve that time for yourself so you can get the best out your experience!
    If you have a desire to work for a bigger time frame than the suggested ones, go ahead can get in touch with me so we can create a solution together!
    All Sessions are available online on zoom or in person if possible. Currently I am based in Lisbon (Portgual)

    Sessions can be conducted in English, Spanish or German.


  • About Yourself

  • In my search for healing and purpose I have dedicated recent years to investigating, experiencing and studying / training in a variety of holistic healing techniques and approaches.

    Coming from abandonment trauma and having experienced both emotional and physical abuse chronically alongside with repeated gaslighting and emotional neglect in childhood, I have been dealing with perceived limitations and strong suppressed emotions for a long time. I grew up with feelings of insecurity, constant fear of rejection, chronic stress, anxiety and difficulties to understand and accept myself. That made it difficult to authentically and safely connect and bond with others. Deep within I believed something was really wrong about me and that I wasn't deserving any of the things and qualities of life that I deeply longed for. In response to that, I disowned claiming and expressing my needs and desires. I also didn't know how to set healthy boundaries. I didn’t know who I was.

    To cover up for a lot of stored shame and suppressed emotions that I didn't know how to release (yet), I coped with shutting down my feelings to being emotionally numb for periods of time. Additionally, I chased an idealised, "perfect(ed)" image of myself that was based only on my ability to achieve and perform - to attain some sense of self-worth and love. Within however, I felt worthless, out of touch with what I actually needed. Especially after I had finished school, I fell into long periods of depression, struggled with finding identitiy, purpose and true joy in life.

    Back then, I decided that I would do anything it takes to put myself together again and create a life that was worth living. A life that would reflect my true self with all my unique needs being met. A life in which real love, joy and connection were lived and experienced. A life in which I would have created a space for me with everything that I am about and bring into this experience.

    Today my reality feels and looks very different. Due to committing to my inner healing and personal growth work, I have experienced and seen profound changes within my life over the years. At the same time, I've become incredibly passionate about holistic healing modalities that truly create long-lasting change. My desire to bring my own abilities forth for others who are on the same path surfaced on the way and guided me into studying several approaches.

    Besides being a Completion Process Certified Practitioner, I am trained in Psychological Consulting, Personal Development & Coaching and am certified as a Coach. I am also certified as a ThetaHealing Pracitioner by the THInK ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge. I am currently studying to become a Core Energetics Practitioner at the Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics, training to help people release blocked emotions, emotional pain and integrate trauma through body-oriented psychotherapy, a holistic approach that brings together mind, body, emotions & spirituality.

    As a consequence of my trainings and my own awakening process, I have developed skills, knowledge and tools and have opened myself up to a high level of sensitivity that altogether help me to see people in their pain, trauma structures, defensive patterns and shadows. Simultaneously, I see the doors to unleash release, inner potential and the gifts that lie beneath the pain.

    With love, compassion and unconditional presence, I guide people through processes to re-claim themselves. The process of reclamation consists of holding space for free expression that unleashes life-force and vitality which enables oneself to live more joyfully and passionately. Passion without suffering. A life without holding back.

    My vision is that all people in this world fully embrace and own themselves, truly know their worth, thrive with their unique gifts and qualities and live in togetherness, joy, abundance, love and inner peace. I feel inspired and dedicated to assist in accelerating the co-creation of this world in which true authenticity, living from the heart and connection is the basis of everything. I want us all to have fun, play and have a radically blissful time!

    My offer as an Intuitive & Somatic Coach is a unique combination of my strongly developed intuitive, empathic & channelling abilities, trained skills (Bodypsychotherapy / Core Energetics & Coaching) and healing abilities, that I bring into the Completion Process to serve people in their process of integration, self-empowerment and growth.

    If you have questions and / or want to get to know me more in person, there is two options for you: You can either book a free 25min consultation with me on or send an email to

    I would love to connect with you!
    With love,


    "Dennis led me through a powerful healing process related to a childhood trauma I had been carrying around. His warmth, gentle confidence, intelligence and compassion were hugely impactful on the healing process, and allowed me to enter into the experience without holding back. His natural abilities and learned experience allowed me to make surprising and swift progress. I am grateful to know him and to be able to work with him." (Deirdre, Berlin)

    "Yesterday, I received a very great Session from Dennis and today, I woke up much more relaxed in my spine & lower back area. I am more at ease with my emotions and feel calmer and more centered. Dennis does a fantastic job! He was very attuned to me and my emotional and bodily needs. I felt very secure and good when I let out my anger by hitting a cushion and kicking a mattress. It was really cool that Dennis showed authentic compassion when I felt like expressing my vulnerability and also, he had the competent eyes to encourage me to go on with our session till the end in a moment when I felt a bit like giving up before we were actually done. To conclude, I am very grateful for Dennis abilities and what he offered me. I'm happy he follows his passion to help others because I am very confident in saying that I know he will be of incredible help for many people in need! Thank you, Dennis!" (Tomass, Berlin)

    "Dennis is an highly intuitive person and a compassionate, gifted and effective healer. We did 'parts work' together and he was very patient and caring in his approach, guiding me through a process which was gentle and deeply healing. Since the session I feel a difference in myself, and understand myself better. I am more empowered to see my own old unhelpful patterns and can see how to make small yet significant changes. Dennis has helped me to be more authentic in my relationships and to inhabit my true self more confidently. I recommend his work wholeheartedly." (Suzanne, London)

    "I've had the chance to work with Dennis for 5 months, and I do see the difference it made in my energy and in my life.
    I was feeling helpless and now I'm getting my power back, together with my masculine energy that had been almost totally suppressed, and it feels great!
    I feel like I'm more myself than ever, more creative and playful, and others can see the difference too!

    Dennis is a brilliant practitioner and healer, he's smart, very intuitive and pretty skilled as well.
    Unlike most healers I've worked with, (and I know many of them), he has a solid background of knowledge about psychology which, in my opinion, really makes a difference. He's trained in several modalities, such as body psychotherapy, trauma resolution & ThetaHealing.
    He's able to diagnose what your major wounds are, which explains the issues you're facing, and he can lead you to processes that help you reclaim the parts of you that got frozen during the traumas.
    I also experienced his channeling which was very helpful.

    I felt heard, understood, encouraged along the journey.
    I'm very grateful for his support and highly recommend to anyone who really wants to heal to work with Dennis. You won't regret it" (Claire, Fontainebleau)

    "Dennis is a very intuitive practitioner. He feels into a person empathically. By emotionally taking part in the ongoing healing procedure, he is very supportive and creative. Dennis has assisted me through several CP processes and has always found constructive and smart ways to support a deep integration - although I had so much resistance first. He offered me various ways/strategies to open up to my own shadows that I could overcome shame, anger and fear and process what was hidden and fractured. During the procedures he always stayed patient, calm and completely connected with the ongoing changes. He is an absolutely trustworthy person
    Thank you." (Regine, Berlin)


  • Regular Rate: 180€, Concessionary Rate: 150€ (2h)
  • I charge per session. Check out package deals.
  • Spanish, English, German
  • *By Clicking Submit Below for a Calendar Appointment You Are Agreeing To The Completion Process Privacy Policy

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