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  • Sefana Wilde

  • Sefana Wilde
  • Sefana
  • Wilde
  • Fear, Grief, Health Issues, Self Love, Sensitivity, Shame
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  • I offer free consultations
    You can book a session or free consultation with me at...

  • About Yourself

  • Hello LOVE. First of all I want to tell you that you are SO BRAVE.
    I know how scary it can feel to face our shadows and painful emotions and I want to acknowledge how amazing you are for looking into this work.
    As an Empath I can attune easily to others and create a safe space for you to dive in. My presence is loving, kind and gentle. I've experienced some DEEP traumas as well as PROFOUND realizations and HEALING.
    You are SAFE with me
    You are LOVED with me
    You are SEEN with me
    Together we will discover the moments that you lost yourself. We will do everything needed to bring your inner child everything needed, wanted and desired.
    Through this healing we will journey into your emotions, using them as the key to unlock the aspects of yourself that have been lost. We will lovingly reintegrate these aspects, like a puzzle being put together, you will feel more whole, alive and complete.
    This is life changing, gentle, loving work.
    I am dedicated to holding a safe space for you, providing you unconditional love and presence, guiding you to the heart of what needs healing and encouraging you as you discover the treasures hidden within.
    Rest assured and trust that if you have found yourself on my profile and have made it this far that we are likely a perfect match. Feel into your sacred centers of knowing and reach out to me if you feel called to do so.
    No matter what...
    Nothing changes that.

  • $111 -$222 USD Sliding Scale
  • Prices are PER session. Sessions are not limited by time.
  • English
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