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  • Elisabeth Karasek

  • Elisabeth Karasek
  • Elisabeth
  • Karasek
  • Abundance, Depression, Divine Feminine, Insecurity, Confidence, Sensitivity
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  • Please contact me for a free 15min consultation call or if you have any questions.

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  • When I tried the Completion Process first myself 3 years ago, it was love at first sight. Guided by the caring words of my practitioner I worked through heavy emotions, seemingly connected to my experience in the womb and as a result I truly felt empowered and was amazed by the profound effects a simple “feeling process” could have.

    Working with this technique over the years made me realize more and more that emotions really are the key to everything in our lives, they are the most powerful asset we have in actively creating the life we want to live. Whether it’s about overcoming blockages and releasing negative imprints from our past, or creating a more pleasant future, feeling our emotions is just essential.

    Ever since, my work is highly influenced by the Completion Process, I also use similar visualization techniques from various sources including Taoist Energy Work and Meditation techniques. If you feel you need some support, I’m happy to assist you in unfolding your full potential!

    I offer sessions in person and online for clients worldwide in English or German.

  • English, German
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