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  • Kaleigh Goodford

  • Kaleigh Goodford
  • Kaleigh
  • Goodford
  • Boundaries Codependency, Health Issues, Parts Work, Perfectionism, Sexual Trauma, Shame
  • Contact Info

  • Currently my availability for bookings are:

    Tuesday’s 10am - 12:30pm
    Thursday’s 4pm or 5pm
    Friday’s 10am - 3pm

    All times are in Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST)

  • About Yourself

  • Wholeness is the practice of integration. It is the act of pulling all parts of ourselves close, especially our darkest parts, so that we can meet them with kind loving attention. It is to understand them completely. To see them, feel them, hear them, and be with them as they are without needing them to be different. We no longer run from ourselves or our shadows. By doing this work we gain essential knowledge of ourselves, we start to see other people more clearly, and we gain great capacity for connection. This is the true peace we all seek.

    Having weathered trauma in my own life I’m confident in guiding you through your process. It's my passion to be there with all the dark heavy painful stuff - as messed up as it sounds... It is not me delighting in your pain. It is me living my purpose of being the person for others that I never had when I needed them most. Because of the lack of support and resources in my early life I'd spent a large chunk of it knocking around in the dark, suffering from panic disorder, severe depression, anxiety, ritualistic obsessive compulsive disorder, body image issues, self hate, addiction, self harming, and suicidal tendencies. Having worked with these patterns in myself I'm not afraid to face them with you.

    Through unconditional presence, validation, patience, and guidance, a safe container is created where emotions can be expressed fully and explored with curiosity. Nothing is out of bounds. The techniques I use are designed to put you back in touch with YOU - your body and internal world of thought, feeling, and emotion. All of these work synergistically as a built-in compass. Unfortunately we live in a world that cuts us off from this news feed. As children we come in with our systems in working order but through the process of societal socialization we are taught to ignore our feelings. This is a tragedy. Being able to F E E L is our lifeline. it is our indicator in any given moment as to what we need and what direction to head in. In paying attention to how we feel we discover the truth of who we are in each moment. We discover our real desires, blocks, joys, fears, dreams, passions, and purposes. By fully embracing feeling, being in and of and with our emotions, we no longer abandon ourselves. In being with ourselves we are handed back the master key to navigating life - our intuition.

    It’s time to thrive instead of just survive. You deserve to live a life you want to live, not one where you feel like you're just making it through. You deserve happiness, fulfillment, connection, joy, magic, contentment - all the good things you could ever imagine.

    It is possible to feel good again and I’d love to help you get there. Let me reintroduce you to Y O U.
    For more info, don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Along with online sessions, I also facilitate in person sessions in the beautiful city of Asheville, NC. In person I have the ability to combine modalities (Completion Process, Parts Work, Inner Child Work, Massage/Bodywork, Yoga Instruction, Meditation, Extrasensory & Tarot Reading, Dream Work, Energy Work/Reiki) together to form an even more unique session. If desired I can also use my intuitive abilities to help you create an action plan to manifest lasting change in your life.

    Let's get you back in the driver seat. I can’t wait to meet you!

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  • Discussed in consultation
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