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  • Karen Renson

  • Karen Caleya
  • Karen
  • Renson
  • Boundaries Codependency, Chronic Illness, Relationships, Sensitivity, Shame
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  • Contact me:

    Sessions are with Skype or face to face in my office in Belgium (Eindhout and Diest)

  • About Yourself

  • Always questioning if you did something wrong? Being shamed and humiliated? Feeling ‘not good enough’? Or even feeling like a complete failure? Toxic Relationships?

    Tell me about it!

    As a child I already had the feeling that I was ‘different’. As a highly sensitive person and empath I could feel other people’s feelings and sensed energies. I was already a deep thinker and questioned everything. I was constantly analysing my own and other people’s behavior. I didn’t really know at at that time that I was different. I just felt like I was weaker, didn’t fit in anywhere and so stupid. I didn’t feel seen or understood by anyone/

    When I started dating I went from one traumatic relationship to another. Untill I was 3O and finally ‘woke up’. I was chronically ill (Lyme, CFS, EBV)) for 4 years and found myself in again, another abusive relationship. I knew I had to make changes… else I would not survive this.

    I made my own happiness and health priority number 1 and started following my own intuition. I started healing physically and emotionally. At that time I realised I’m an intuitive empath with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizant.

    A few months later I got trained (personally) by Teal Swan as a Completion Process Practitioner.

    Now I coach people all over the world in their healing process

    My services:

    The Completion Process

    Couples Counseling

    Intuitive Coaching

    HSP Coaching

    Express Yourself

    With my gifts as an empath I can easily get to the core of things. I have the ability to feel what’s underneath, what’s in your subconsciousness. I also feel exactly what you feel, so with me, you’re never alone in this.

    You’ve been strong for long enough, it's OK to break down… I am with you! Giving you the unconditional love and understanding you deserve!

    Price per session: 75 EUR for 1,5 hour

    Sessions are done through Skype or in my office in Belgium (Eindhout or Diest)

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  • 75 EUR for 1,5h
  • English, Dutch
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