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  • Beatriz Reyna

  • Beatriz Reyna
  • Beatriz
  • Reyna
  • Abandonment, Self Acceptance, Betrayal, Safety, Grief, Sexual Trauma
  • Contact Info

  • United States
  • Please visit to book a session or e-mail me at

  • About Yourself

  • Beatriz Reyna has a naturally warm and friendly energy that makes anyone she comes in contact with feel safe to be vulnerable. She is highly intuitive, a highly sensitive person, and empathic, which makes her able to easily attune to the person she is working with. She is able to see/identify her clients ‘blocks’ easily and offers a conscious perspective for major shifts to happen. Her passion is this work. She loves helping people become conscious of that which has been unconscious and affecting their reality in a painful way. Beatriz loves seeing her clients embrace the totality of the human experience.

    I take a gentle and nurturing approach when I guide clients through the Completion Process.

    My intention with each CP session I facilitate is to hold you in a safe space with warmth and love. I feel that is important since we received the opposite of that growing up, and especially when we originally felt the feeling relative to the trauma we endured.

    I am with you fully and unconditionally during our session. Nothing you say during the session, feel, see, or experience when I'm guiding you through the Completion Process will make me withdraw or leave you. Your tears and vulnerability are welcomed and are safe with me.

    I have a naturally warm energy that allows clients to feel safe and really get vunerable as we journey into past traumas and find resolution.

  • 125
  • English
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