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  • Shruti Mahendra

  • Shruti Mahendra
  • Shruti
  • Mahendra
  • Boundaries Codependency, CPTSD, Isolation, Gaslighting, Physical Abuse, Powerlessness
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  • United States
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  • I always felt life was off, it felt depressing, hard and painful. I had questions like "Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why am I in so much pain? Why does my family treat me so badly?" I started to get answers to these questions once I began doing shadow work, a.k.a The Completion Process. It has led me to find my purpose as a unique individual and also as one with the larger universe.

    It is my passion to serve others who are struggling. The types of trauma I specialize in are those I have been through: Being an unwanted child, physical abuse / torture, emotional abuse / gaslighting, surviving childhood cancer, isolation trauma, Complex PTSD, feelings of extreme shame / self hate / powerlessness / rage / anger / hopelessness, feeling suicidal, growing up with domestic violence.

    I am here to connect with you, hear your stories, share your pain and facilitate your inner healing work. I invite you to hold my hand as we both dive in and discover the hidden vulnerable parts of you that are begging to be seen, heard and felt.

    I offer sessions online and face to face in San Francisco, California, USA.

  • $120
  • English, Hindi
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