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  • Charlie Robinson

  • Charlie Robinson
  • Charlie
  • Robinson
  • Powerlessness
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  • Specialities : Purpose , Powerlessness , Divine Masculine , Shame , Low Self worth , Confidence , feeling lost

    Contact Info= 954-479-3773

  • About Yourself

  • Do you feel like you could have a greater impact in the world but something stops you ?

    Do you feel a power in you ready to be taped into and unleashed into the world but can bring it forth due to negative beliefs , and fear?

    I am Charlie Robinson. I help community leaders , revolutionaries , catalyst for change make a more powerful contribution in their communities and be a leader in their own lives through healing past traumas and societal and cultural deprogramming so they can breakthrough and become their most powerful stellar version . I have experience in modalities as a extrasensory empath and my more than 4 years of training in mediumship and psychic development .I have additionally been initiated in the Zulu tradition as a shaman in Africa .Also a certified Reiki Master .
    I am here for you to serve you on your path to your greatness and light that is always there.

  • $88
  • English
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