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  • Gayle Staffanson

  • Gayle Staffanson
  • Gayle
  • Staffanson
  • Abandonment, Self Acceptance, Anxiety, Work Addiction, Boundaries Codependency, Narcisissm
  • Contact Info

  • Email me to book your session at

    We start with a free initial 15 min intake session.
    $125 for up to a 2 hour session.

  • About Yourself

  • I've been involved in body work and emotional healing for over a decade. My journey into knowing myself started as a professional dancer and actor where I cultivated a passion for connecting to my emotions and physical expression. There I found an outlet for the deeper parts of myself that needed to be heard without judgement. Since then I have certified as a Holistic Personal Trainer and Intuitive Integration Guide. I utilize therapeutic modalities such as Core Energetics and Parts Work to help people get more in touch with themselves through their bodies and fragmented self-aspects. When I discovered Teal Swans Completion Process, I found it to be one of the most powerful techniques around and felt inspired to certify in this process. I have watched clients transform their lives and awaken their creative, powerful essence through unconditional loving presence.

    As a way of coping with my own childhood trauma, and in order to feel a sense of belonging, I developed a keen intuitive sense of seeing into people and understanding their pain and needs. Sometimes the residue of trauma leaves valuable gifts. Once I came to realize my own self-worth and utilize the tools to move toward self-love, I felt impelled to share with others what has helped me. We are an interdependent species that needs and thrives on relationships. When we feel abandoned or shamed for who we are, relationships feel toxic. We learn to mistrust others and ourselves. We feel the need to control or manipulate in order to get our needs met...or flee from relationships altogether. Learning to honor your boundaries and understand where your mistrust came from, is one of the most important keys to healing.

    I am eager to guide and help you uncover the blocks that are keeping you from creating the life you desire, and get you on the road to a more joyous life than you ever thought possible.

    Much Love,

  • $125
  • English
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