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  • Marcellus Davis

  • Marcellus Davis
  • Marcellus
  • Davis
  • Parts Work
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  • Free 20 minute consultation creating a Parts Map.
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  • About Yourself

  • We came to life to fully live! Through all of these experiences we’ve picked up on our journey we have had to let go of ourselves piece by piece. We’ve had to adapt to fit in to a broken system. We have had to divide our internal world against itself and hide parts of ourselves away in order to stay safe. We stopped enjoying the sound of our own voice and we’ve replaced our authenticity with the fears of the generations that came before us. It’s all too easy to forget who we really are here. I am here to help you remember and piece yourself back together in a way that reflects the beauty of your unique essence and truth. Let’s figure out what gift you have to offer to life and let’s magnetize life’s blessings towards you. I want you to be able to stop reflecting your past traumas onto your current life and instead to be able to look at life through an open heart with a clear vision of who you really are and what you are really capable of.

    I specialize in Parts Work. I am able to see the different aspects and layers within a person. I see the aspects within a person that are available to a person’s conscious awareness and I see the aspects that are active within a person beneath the surface, outside of their conscious awareness. In a session, I combine the Completion Process with Parts Work in order to weave together a person’s consciousness for their highest alignment and self awareness. We will discover together what you really want and we will find the aspects within you that are in resistance to what you really want. We will work with these aspects to heal their painful core beliefs and traumas. We will find out what these aspects really need in order to move forward and shift and we will give these aspects what they need without the judgements you would have received from your past.

    In order to do this, we need to be able to be vulnerable and authentic. I hold a safe space where a person feels ok to be vulnerable. I will attune to you and feel into you to constantly remind you not to resist yourself. If we deny, reject and disown ourselves as we currently are then we have no hope to move forward fully with ourselves. Let’s begin to accept and reclaim ourselves. In this self-awareness, we will create a container to heal all the shame we’ve taken on. If we are experiencing shame and self-hate we are choosing to isolate ourselves from the world and ultimately from what we really want. You can never fully look at someone when you are separated in shame because from that vibration you don’t want to be seen as you are, because you’ve adopted the belief that it’s not safe for you to exist as you are.

    I promise it’s safe for you to exist just the way you are. Let’s put yourself in the state your meant to exist in through embodying your souls highest truth through the freedom in your mind to be who you really want to be. It’s ok to desire what you desire. It’s ok to be you just that way you are. In this feeling of acceptance we will let go of the resistance you have to becoming all that you are meant to be. Let’s find the GOLD in your shadow.

  • $200 for a single session, 3 sessions for $525 or 5 sessions for $750
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