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  • Zannah Merricks

  • Zannah Merricks
  • Zannah
  • Merricks
  • Neglect Feeling and Expressing Emotions
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  • Please email me to book a consultation. It's important that you feel I am right for you so I offer a free 30 minute phone/zoom consultation.

  • About Yourself

  • I am a Shamanic therapist, healer and teacher. The Completion Process perfectly aligns with my shamanic work, as Teal has said, this is ultimately a Soul Retrieval. I am also a qualified Reiki & meditation teacher and hold a BA in Cultural Anthropology. I am currently in on-going training as an Ayahausca healer (curandera) & Psychotherapist.

    I have been working as a professional holistic therapist for 5 years now but have 15 years experience in energy healing. Having been through a deep and extensive healing journey of my own, I am able to empathically connect and provide compassionate intuitive insight as well as draw from a wide range of skills and techniques.

    I am passionate about the Completion Process and parts work as Teal has designed something that draws from and aligns with much of my previous trainings, and it's something I've experienced from myself first hand. I liken it to the work I do with Ayahausca- the psychotherapeutic equivalent. It's a shamanic journey inside your soul and my role is to be the best guide I can for you. There's little I haven't seen when it comes to healing processes and it's an honour to hold space for you to completely be yourself or any version that turns up! 🙂

    I've been treating people with the Process since Feb 18, and it's taken over may business now as the most popular treatment, because it works! And I am so excited and privileged to be a Certified Practitioner and share this powerful healing process with you.

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