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  • Calee Tse

  • Calee Tse
  • Calee
  • Tse
  • Depression, Gaslighting, Inner Void, Shame
  • Contact Info

  • Amsterdam CET timezone

  • About Yourself

  • Hi my name is Calee

    I work with conscience woman who have the wish to discover their pure potential on an emotional, fysical and spiritual level. I help them tap into their emotions and all knowing source by releasing subconscious patterns, believes and trauma. So you can truly live your soul purpose and be authentically YOU.

    My session are conducted in a safe and non-judgmental way. I don’t tell you what to do instead I am 100% present for all parts of you including the pretty and scary ones. I am empathic and have a strong intuitive senses.

  • 100 euro
  • English, Yue (Cantonese), Hakka, Dutch
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