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  • Eve
  • Disassosiation, Gaslighting, LGBTQ, Parts Work, Self Love
  • Contact Info

  • Free 20min Discovery session (please register on and then book the session online)
    Online booking: (look for "Accompagnement - coaching" and specifically the "Séance découverte" which is the free discovery session)
    Payment through (1hr upfront after the discovery session)

  • About Yourself

  • Because of emotionaly unstable caretakers, I developped the abilty to dissociate and shift perspective very easily. This makes me very good at Parts Work (channeling them) and finding "approval" and benefits for you being in this current lousy situation: acceptance is the foundation of all healing.
    I am now over 30, spent time being bullied, not fitting into people's reassuring boxes and failing at being less than myself; rejection and abandonment are my jam. I am what people call "multipotential", which means I have skills in various unrelated domains and use most of them on a daily basis.
    I have a first-hand understanding of the self-employed's issues, geek-related stuff, D/s and BDSM, creativity blocks and French educational traumas.
    If looking at my picture makes you want to run, you will probably get a lot from contacting me 😉

  • 40€
  • English, French
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