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  • Tommy Miklosko

  • Tomas Miklosko
  • Tommy
  • Miklosko
  • Isolation, Safety, General Practice, Parts Work, Powerlessness, Shame
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  • Free 15 minute innitial consultation. Session available in English and Slovak.

  • About Yourself

  • I lead people through the inner worlds.

    Helping people to thrive has always been my sincere passion and highest motivation. I support my clients in finding relief through integration of conflicted parts, which leads to personal transformation, deep healing and expanded awareness. I offer unconditional focused presence to those who need it the most, and teach people how to feel safe in their own skin.

    The pain can be our greatest teacher and liberator, it's never a bad idea to turn our focus inwards and embrace our fractured aspects with caring attention. My compassionate and effective approach is grounded in spirituality and somatic psychotherapy, combined with practical life-coaching.

    I'll guide you on the journey to become whole again.

  • flexible
  • English
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