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  • Julie Bärz

  • Julie
  • Bärz
  • Intimacy, Divine Feminine, Fear, Safety, Connecting With Your Heart, Sexual Trauma
  • Contact Info

  • If you wish to get to know me before making a booking it is possible through a free 20min. exploratory conversation. Please go to my website to select this option and schedule in the calendar:

    If you are a student or can’t afford the pricing I offer a flexible system to support people in need.

    Secure payment is done through Paypal and must be completed before the session takes place. Without prior payment the service is not conducted.

    The full terms and conditions can be found on my website and also apply for the services offered here. Please visit:

  • About Yourself

  • You are offered a safe space and unconditional presence to get in touch with your emotions again where fear, anger, shame and guilt can be expressed without being judged. At any given point you decide whether you want to start, continue or stop the process. You have choice at all times. You are never alone during the process, you are always guided and held through my unconditional presence and love. You learn the process of self-healing by discovering wisdom and answers from within you rather than me giving you advice.

    My experiences with the Completion Process

    Personally I have made profound improvements in my life with the completion process that continue and last. I love that the power and pace is set by the person going through the process and the facilitator is there to support. On both ends of darkness and light my life has become enriched by depth. Being supported throughout challenges I learn mastery. The clarity, deeper consciousness and compassion that develops when diving deep into the subconscious is of high value. I become more understanding of my issues and those of other people as well as my desires and needs. Along with increasing awareness my life also becomes more joyful through the unblocked passion that I can now funnel into my dreams to become true. Being present with whatever there is unconditionally, trusting myself and inner child, is difficult at times but has a major empowering effect, which I appreciate a lot about the process. I may not always see the light at the end of the tunnel while I’m at the beginning or in the middle of the process but I know that I don’t have to do it on my own and that through experience I will get there eventually.

  • First CP session 149€, then 169€ (one session is always 2,5 hrs!)
  • about 68€
  • English, German
  • *By Clicking Submit Below for a Calendar Appointment You Are Agreeing To The Completion Process Privacy Policy

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