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  • Emma lange

  • Emma
  • lange
  • Isolation, Family Crisis, Incest, Powerlessness
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  • My own healing journey began at the age of 14 after coming forward to my family that I had been molested by my father for nearly my whole life. The feeling of liberation that came after telling my family was short-lived as I began to see how, despite drastic changes, the family dynamic stayed the same. I watched as we struggled to find new ground to walk upon, and instead fell back into the same patterns of isolation, gas-lighting, tyranny, and suppression. I was baffled by this and wondered why no one wanted to talk about what happened or what we could be doing to heal together.

    At 16, I realized the family dynamics continued unchanged, I left my home and started becoming extremely vocal about my abuse, thus attracting many people into my life who had similar experiences and were on the path to healing. I felt like I could breathe again, and it was undeniably relieving to know I wasn’t alone and I saw that, by virtue of me sharing my story, others felt less alone too.

    For years I lived my life according to the truth that I chose to come into this life path as a means to help others heal from similar experiences, but what I missed was how this truth brought me further into suppressing the total agony I was in. I started to see that it wasn’t just my family who fell into the same harmful patterns, it was almost everyone including myself. Thus began my journey of sinking into not only the pain I was in, but the resistance I had to that pain and unraveling the patterns that emerge from it. I have become obsessed with finding the roots of where our issues stem from which led me to begin my journey into the Completion Process. This process works in profound ways, allowing me to sink into myself and uncover core beliefs, traumas, and deeply suppressed emotions and child selves.

    I am extremely passionate about this work and want to share the gift of presence and empathy with all who I am able. I want to be there with you as you unravel your experiences, as you process your pain, and as you dive deep into it. I want to be there with you to provide comfort and presence and clarity as you move from these rough waters into the serenity of self-liberation and inner peace. There is a child within you wanting to be seen, felt, and heard, and I am so excited that you have taken the steps to show up for yourself in this deeply healing way.

  • 93 USD
  • 93 USD for 1.5 hour
  • English
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