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  • Angelica Horvatic

  • Angelica Horvatic
  • Angelica
  • Horvatic
  • Abandonment, Abundance, Fostering, Orphan Trauma, Depression, Relationships
  • Contact Info

  • Please visit or email me at

    My specialties: Abandonment, Abundance, Adoption, Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Connection, Isolation, Career coaching, Depression, Emotional abuse, Emotional neglect, Eating Disorders, Fostering, Orphan Trauma, Family Crisis, Grief, Parts Work, Physical Abuse, Purpose, Relationships, Self Love, Separation, Shame, Social Anxiety, PTSD

  • About Yourself

  • As Trauma Recovery Practitioner, Completion Process Facilitator, Shadow Work Practitioner, Inner Child Healer and Hypnotherapist and also being an adult orphan&foster survivor and a war survivor - Angelica is helping adult orphans, and everyone who was physically, mentally or emotionally abused by their caretakers and also the ones haunted by the overwhelming feeling of constant Anxiety, Abandonment and Loneliness to heal and overcome their childhood traumas.

    As someone who has for long time struggled with many Limited Beliefs, Weight issues, finding Direction and also accepting Abundance in life and have successfully overcome those, Angelica is very passionate helping others to break free.

    Born and raised in Croatia, in last 18 years she has lived in many different countries, travelled extensively and worked with thousands of people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

    Her mission is to help people picking themselves up and move in direction they want to go in life, feeling less lonely, isolated and alone and More Healthy, Abundant, Loved, Content and Deeply Connected with the people they care about, whilst building healthy, strong, long lasting relationships and being happy and at peace with themselves and others.

    In Teal’s words she a specialist for “breaking free, altering paradigms and getting people out of restriction & imprisonment.”

    “Conquer your mountain!” is her motto – Be, Have and Do ALL that you always knew you deserve!


  • $155 per hour
  • English, Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian
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