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  • Rob Clemens

  • Crystal Rob
  • Rob
  • Clemens
  • Abandonment, Self Acceptance, Addictions, Workaholism, Boundaries Codependency, Intimacy, Gaslighting, Connecting With Your Heart, Incest, Parts Work, Relationships, Shame
  • Contact Info

  • I am living in New Zealand and being approximately 12-13 hours ahead, I can take European nighttime sessions during my day hours and, given enough warning, my during my nighttime hours as well.
    I offer an short session free of charge for us to chat and you to see if you are comfortable with me prior to any actual chargeable session work.
    You can Message Me on +64274501586
    email me
    or click through to my Facebook website therapies page @RobTherapyNZ to make an appointment. Please supply relevant details for contact and what you wish to achieve.

  • About Yourself

  • Teal Tribe member since 2016 and avid Teal fan;
    Certified CP licensed practitioner since 31st May 2018 - but don't let the newness of this put you off - you clicked on this page for a very good reason...
    Prior to becoming a licensed CP practitioner, I have Reiki LII training in energy healing, am a singing crystal bowls Sound Healer, and I take regular meditation and inner journeys guide sessions;
    I am 64 years old, second-married, have 7 grandchildren (nearly 8) and live in Hawkes Bay New Zealand, doing a variety of work from my graphic design business to vineyard grape pruning, as well as expounding Teal's work wherever and wherever I can.
    Although life can be great - being a father and a loving grandfather - I have still experienced some of life's curveballs - but since my Reiki Level Two training, taking singing crystal bowls sound healing sessions for other Hawkes Bay healers, using guided meditations and providing intuitive guidance - I feel that my modalities and creativity allow me to focus on your present situation in a variety of ways - so that any emotional trauma can be addressed as it comes, with my undivided attention and empathy, perspective and desire for your healing.
    As Teal says - it's not making people feel better, it's all about helping people get better at feeling. Your emotional compass tells you all the time where you are.
    Along with having a good grasp of Teal's teachings and with 64 years of having personal stuff to deal with, I know that life can be hard - so let's ease some of that pressure that's on you.
    FREE CHAT: A personal half hour Intro chat is free of charge so that you can feel comfortable with me to allow yourself to truly open up when CP is done for you.

  • NZ $120
  • NZ$100
  • English
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