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  • Sanne Ham

  • Sanne Ham
  • Sanne
  • Ham
  • Anxiety, Athletes, Divine Feminine, Health Issues, Connecting With Your Heart, Parts Work
  • Contact Info

  • You can schedule your session directly in my calendar:
    Or send an email to

    Feel free to book a Free Discovery Session if you feel called to be working with me. Together we will dive deep into what is weighing you down. Then I will help you to release these heavy emotions so you can express more of who you truly are. This is also an opportunity for us to get to know each other. If we are a right match I will invite you into working with me.

    Book your Discovery Session:

  • About Yourself

  • Hey 😉 I'm Sanne a Trauma Integration Practitioner who helps empaths to live fully and authentically. I combine different healing modalities that will help you to release what is weighing you down so you can rise into your true self.

    While working with me, you will learn how to be present with uncomfortable emotions, resolve childhood trauma and let go of limiting beliefs. I will help you to connect with your heart and heal deep emotional wounds. You will no longer have to feel powerless to fear and anxiety.

    My biggest challenges have given me my greatest wisdom. When I was eighteen years old, I had a heart attack, and I was fortunate to survive. Through this experience, I learned how our mind, body, and heart are connected on a deeper level. It inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle, and I began to deepen my knowledge of meditation, shadow work, inner child healing, and neurocardiology. During this journey of finding emotional and physical healing, I found my passion.

    Now I use my own experiences to help others overcome their most significant challenges in life. With my work, I want to create an opportunity for you to heal your emotional wounds.

    I am here to support you and guide you on your journey!

  • €185,-
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  • English, Dutch
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