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  • Justin Bose

  • Justin Bose
  • Justin
  • Bose
  • Anxiety, Fatigue, Connection, Depression, Purpose, Confidence
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  • Bookings currently only available face-to-face in Melbourne, Australia. Please visit my website and make an appointment online following the prompts:

  • About Yourself

  • My story started back in 2008 where I completed a Bachelor of Health Science. Originally from Queensland I have worked in several health clinics across Brisbane for over 5 years treating a diverse range of patients from those with a sports and fitness background, office-workers, manual-based professionals, college students, and retirees.

    However, it was time for a new chapter in my life and I achieved my goal of owning my own home. After reaching this I went through an awakening of discovering what my true identity was and how I could live in harmony with this. After years of further study, research, and mentoring Restore Your Life was born from the culmination of over three decades of my life’s journey. After learning the Completion Process with Teal and looking into suppressed Emotions and Traumas in the sub-conscious, was I able to really connect deeply with my clients and help them in a more substantial way.

    I strive to treat everyone as an equal, looking deeper than the physical symptoms, and discovering the many layers of the human-being and spirit. I look forward to helping you by inviting you to my safe and comfortable healing space in Melbourne, where compassion and support are always provided to you in a gentle and humble manner 😊

  • $140 AUD
  • English
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