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  • Daiga Liepa

  • Daiga
  • Liepa
  • Self Acceptance, Connection, Depression, Divine Feminine, Parts Work
  • Contact Info

  • I am still building my website so you can write me an email:
    I will answer you within a day.

  • About Yourself

  • I am Daiga and I'm Latvian. I started my journey in 2013 when I decided to dive fully into myself and finally understand who I am and why I am here. It was a battle inside of me that had been going on for my whole life and when I gave in to the battle, I fell into depression so deep that even killing myself didn't feel like a relief.

    Since then I have worked with myself emotionally and mentally so much so that I am happy to be triggered and find something new about myself and I never thought that I could love myself fully and unconditionally and trust myself to create the life that I want and find my place in the world 🙂 And that means that so can you! And I want to help you to fin your inner peace, love for your life and yourself along with achieving your goals!

    My deepest desire is to see connection inside of people and see connection between people on daily basis. That is the motivation behind going for psychology degree and becoming Completion Process practitioner.

    I am able to connect especially deeply with guilt, self hate, powerlessness, depression, anger, disconnection and sexual shame (unhealthy femininity). I love to connect with any aspect of a person because I really value personal truths especially if its misunderstood, suppressed and denied even of yourself.

  • 75-100 EUR
  • 25-35 EUR
  • English
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