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  • Phillip Kayrouz

  • Phillip
  • Kayrouz
  • Ancestral Trauma, Cult Survivors, Ritual Trauma, Sexual Trauma
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  • I am a Psychotherapists from Sydney, I had a sudden awakening 4 years ago to a higher frequency based consciousness. I am the youngest of 9 children in a middle eastern family system. I have studied the Completion Process, Gestalt Psychotherapy (Australia), Psychic Mediumship (England) , Pranic Healing (Singapore) and currently completing my Psychology Degree at University (Sydney). I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient which results in me seeing spirit , energy forms, thought forms, entities as well as interdimensional energies. Trauma in a client may present and be worked with through the completion process and also energetically.

    This form of healing allows the client to receive more light into their crystalline body. This may assist clients in understanding and remembering their pre-birth intentions resulting in an awakening to their spiritual and multidimensional self. I am here to help you remember , clear through and heal.

  • $200 (for 90 minutes)
  • $150
  • English, Arabic
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