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  • Senay Funk

  • Senay Funk
  • Senay
  • Funk
  • Abandonment, Anxiety, Boundaries Codependency, Isolation, Intimacy, Depression
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  • After spending her teenage years on and off depression Senay studied Dance & Choreography in the Netherlands. After receiving her diploma she got married and shied away from pursuing a career in the Performing Arts. She became a teacher for traditional Ashtanga Yoga and a facilitator for The Work. She gave birth to two children and both times she experienced Post Partum Depression, the last time while living abroad in Bali, Indonesia in 2014. That was when Teal Swan's work entered her life and her healing started to exhilirate. In 2016 she took the training and got certified by Teal. She gained further knowledge and experience by receiving somatic psychotherapy/ Biodynamik and also took an energy healing training with her therapist Günter Thesen in Germany.
    She currently works an an Emotion Coach and CPCP.

  • 150€
  • 80€
  • English, German
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