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  • Corinna Eckenstein

  • Corinna Eckenstein
  • Corinna
  • Eckenstein
  • Athletes, Eating Disorders, Parts Work, Anger, Sexual Trauma, Shame
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    Sessions are available in English and German.
    Please contact me via email for individual session rates.

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  • I've been living with Teal and her Community for over two years now, which gives me extended and unique knowledge about all kinds of traumas, patterns and resolution.

    According to Teal I'm "f*cking good with going into people" allowing me to intuitively approach emotional trauma, tailored to your unique needs.
    The truck called life hit me hard during childhood, as I went through intense emotional and sexual abuse.
    For years I've dealt with constant shame, anxiety and isolation.
    This was reflected in my teens as several eating disorders, a constant injured body, depression, unhealthy relationships and stopping my biggest passion - being a professional athlete.
    Hitting rock bottom quit early in life I’ve since been able to continuously turn my pain into joy & freedom and am excited about the years to come.
    I’m no longer hiding from my emotions, patterns and instead face my shadows and fears.
    It is now an honor to be there for those who are brave enough to do the same.

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  • English, German
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