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  • Ed Martin

  • Ed Martin
  • Ed
  • Martin
  • Self Acceptance, Narcisissm, Gaslighting, Alcoholic Family, Parts Work, Relationships
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  • Book through my website by clicking the “Book Session" button.

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  • My greatest passion and heartfelt life commitment is the simple yet profoundly powerful act of sitting across from another individual soul and relating with them in a space of deep empathy and unwavering presence. I hope to have this experience with you.

    My own painful childhood experiences have caused me to become an expert at attunement, and an authority on adult children of alcoholics and narcissists. I have a natural inclination towards validation and mirroring when engaging with others, which also make me a strong choice of practitioners if you have struggled with gaslighting or narcissistic abuse at any point in your life.

    I’ll hold space for your truth, and help you access your own self-compassion, while leading you into your core traumas and providing the resolution which will change your reality forever.

    In addition to my completion process practitioner certificate, I am also a reiki practitioner with a strong grasp of energy work, as well as being a current student of David Wolfe’s raw nutrition program.

    My holistic approach to healing and health may be of benefit to anyone struggling with physical health symptoms in addition to psychological, emotional and energetic issues.

    I’m looking forward to reflecting back to you your own divinity and brilliance, and acting as the catalyst for you to integrate more of who you really are by pointing you in the direction of your inner authority and innately healing essence.

  • 100 USD
  • 100 USD per 1.5 hours
  • English
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