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  • Angela Catuna

  • Angela Catuna
  • Angela
  • Catuna
  • Addictions, Anxiety, Grief, Parts Work, Powerlessness, Anger
  • Contact Info


    Instagram- angela.catuna

    Location - Vancouver BC or Skype/WhatsApp/Messenger

    Work - Registered Nurse

    Interests - the wellbeing of all beings, nature, art

  • About Yourself

  • “ The way out of negative emotion is into our negative emotion,
    The way out of our illusions is into our illusions,
    The way out of our suffering is into our suffering.”

    Teal Swan

    Trauma is distress without any resolution. Imagine yourself throwing a pebble into the water. See how the ripples get bigger and bigger. Our trauma is the pebble and the experiences we are a match to, as a result, are the ripple effect. They become bigger and bigger so that we see and let them guide us to the root of our suffering.
    Let's use your triggers and emotions to guide us to the root of your suffering and cancel the ripple effect. Just like children, emotions heal when they are heard and validated. Allow me to be by your side as you fall in love with healing yourself.

    More and more people are coming to realize that what we manifest in our lives comes both from the conscious and the unconscious parts of us. Allignment between all parts in us is what makes our desires manifest. Allow me to help you get to know your unconscious parts and integrate them so you can create the life you desire.

  • 100 CAD or equivalent per 60-90 min session
  • English, Romanian
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