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  • Christine Jutras

  • Christine
  • Christine
  • Jutras
  • Abandonment, Abundance, Orphan Trauma, Anxiety, Boundaries Codependency, Narcisissm, Isolation, Intimacy, Cult Survivors, Disassosiation, Neglect Feeling and Expressing Emotions, Health Issues, PTSD, Relationships, Sexual Trauma, Confidence
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  • I am certified as a "Completion Process practitioner " by Teal Swan. I have used my 25 years of spiritual practices and deep transformational personal growth using Buddhism and Indian philosophy to unite it with the modern psychology. I have been an empath all of my life, as I am sure most of you are. I have an extreme energetic sensitivity. I have done several workshops with Teal Swan. Teal told me personally several times that I am also an "extrasensory".

    I am originally from Montreal, therefore I am French Canadian. I am a classical pianist since I was 8 years old and became a piano teacher at 20. I studied Music Therapy in Switzerland, which was based on psychology studies.

    I have done many workshops in my life, to mention a few: extensive Buddhist Mahayana practices following the guidance of a famous Tibetan Lama, several types of meditation and mantras including retreats and initiations, Landmark Education, Tantra workshops, Pranayama breathing practices, Bhakti devotional practices and chants, Reiki energy healing, EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping technique, "The Bars" from Access Consciousness, knowledge on healthy daily diet as well as herbs and supplements, Kundalini awakening, Holotropic breath, Shamanic practices, Ayahuasca, Family Constellations, Teal Swan's Completion Process and "Parts Work, and more.

    I do not recommend the use of any hallucinogenic drugs or any mind altering substances while I am facilitating a series of Completion Process for a client as it could be counteractive. The Completion Process is very powerful and there is no need of any substances. However, if you are already taking something, I will work with you through it.

    We are spiritual beings living a material experience therefore the importance to work with our everyday lives issues. I am skilled in helping you heal all types of relationship problems, abandonment and childhood traumas, as well as obstacles with health and finances. I am passionate also about helping people stuck in a codependant relationship (often an empath with a narcissist) and helping you take back your power. The Completion Process goes deeply in healing the deep hurts and the source of it coming from the first traumas. It is like unpeeling an onion to its core. Trauma causes parts of ourselves to dissociate, so this work is to bring all parts back and returning to wholeness. A lot of power and gifts come along with that. The Completion Process is very effective with the chronic anxiety experienced by mild to severe PTSD.

    I am also confident in helping those who have suffered and wish to detach from different spiritual groups, cults, rituals and esoteric practices and wish to remove all subconscious programmings/brainwashing to find their true selves back. I can help you free yourself from any ties to energies and thought forms that do not belong to you.

    I have been through tremendous powerful spiritual and mystical experiences that took me out of center and I was in a very transcended states for many years. I experienced what Kundalini awakening does to the whole emotional/psychological/energetic structure of our being. I have been through what Stanislav Grov calls: a "Spiritual Emergency". So I have developed high levels of extra sensorial capacities. And I can help someone going through deep processes of awakening as I am living this inner transformation since 2011. I am very familiar with the intensity of Kundalini awakening and the painful catharsis it can cause. All those experiences are to bring us to a higher level of consciousness and change us on a molecular level to higher vibrations.

    "I wish to specify that this is not a substitute to a treatment by a medical doctor, psychologist or counsellor. If you are already under therapy, please continue as before. I will cooperate to whatever treatment/therapy you are already doing."

    I am available for individual sessions via Skype. I offer a free introductory session of 20min to know each other and feel intuitively if we are a match to begin your journey of transformation!

    With all my love,


  • Free introduction meeting of 20min
  • 100$ for an hour. If it goes over, I do not ask more (up to 90min)
  • English, French, Italian
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