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  • Marie Lulibel

  • Marie Lulibel
  • Marie
  • Lulibel
  • Self Acceptance, Connection, Intimacy, Connecting With Your Heart, Parts Work, Relationships
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  • About Yourself

  • My intention is to help you to create your life, by connecting with you and guiding you through all the layers of false beliefs, blocages, traumas and limitations buried in your unconscious self.

    I’m unconditionally present with you to assist you to free yourself from it, I see you, I hear you, I validate your emotions, because you deserve it. It's time to be acknowledged.

    Allow yourself to let go of the daily suffering and struggle you go through.
    Allow yourself to truly start to consciously create your life and choose what to experience and unfold your real self into your world.
    Allow yourself to understand what's happening within yourself, everything is there for a reason.

    You have the power,
    you are the artist ♥️

    I was born in an environment where I felt completely powerless, ashamed of myself, hating myself for not feeling « normal », I was suffering all the time.
    Being hypersensitive in this society can be tough.
    I ended up suppressing almost all of my memories from my childhood, and I cut myself from my emotions.
    For the next 20 years, I went full force into an agressive race to change myself, suppress all the parts I would hate about myself, to adapt to my idea of society and what is « acceptable ».
    Of course I ended up focusing on all the things I hated about myself, and attracting more and more situations where I would feel powerless, worthless, I would have zero self-estime and would not even realize it, because I was cutting myself from my emotions all the time.

    The good side of completely turning away from myself was that I naturally became very good at attuning to people’s emotions and energy.

    With the intention of evolving and freeing myself from what was holding me back from happiness, I discovered the power of creation, false beliefs, limitations, how the unconscious self actually creates and attracts everything that happens in our life.

    I then included it in my practice with people.
    I could connect to their energy field, their higher self, their spiritual guides, and receive informations about what would block them at the moment, their emotional traumas, etc...
    By just looking at a picture, I am able to receive and see all that. But I could only « diagnose » at the time, but not really help them to get rid of their unconscious blocages, beliefs and limitations. Until I found the completion process.

    It is such a natural extension of my abilities that it felt like it was part of me already.
    By using the CP and parts work, we get to deeply connect with ourselves and our emotions, we rediscover deep memories and traumas which are buried deep within our unconscious self.
    By doing this process, we can start to truly free ourselves from what blocks us and make us suffer. We become a whole new person a little bit everyday, and it feels magical, awesome, incredibly liberating.

    We journey together into your unconscious parts, go back in time and heal your past, and therefore heal your present.
    Now I don’t only diagnose anymore, I can truly assist you in the process of healing.

    I want to help as many people as possible to feel this relief that I longed for, that I thought would be only possible after a lot of fighting.
    Because it is possible to break free, and become who we really are. ♥️

    You can book a free 30mins consultation to get to know each other, discuss of your needs and see how I can help you.

    I'm looking forward to connect with you! <3

  • CP: 90€/ 1,5hours
  • 25€/hour from 1,5 hours
  • English, French
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