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  • Johanna Falkenberg

  • Johanna Falkenberg
  • Johanna
  • Falkenberg
  • Creativity, Incest, Parts Work, Relationships, Sexual Trauma, Self Love
  • Contact Info

  • France
  • I am working on my website so for now please contact me via email if you want more information.
    We can plan to talk together and feel if our energies match, for about half an hour free of charge. It is really important for me that we trust that we an work together before we actually start.

  • About Yourself

  • I am Johanna and I can relate to incest, sexual abuse, rape, emotional abuse, abandonment, relationships, connection, communication, parts work, art therapy and creativity. My main focus is on how to have a healthy relationship to yourself and how to create and maintain healthy relationships with others.

    I dove into the Completion Process because from a very young age, I learnt that survival for me depended on understanding. Myself, Others, the World, the Universe.
    It was not just a question of intellectual understanding, it was the only thing I thought could help me to connect with people around me, be loved, have some power over some things and survive.
    I, like many of us who are drawn here, was born in a family with very different values and understanding of things.
    I got bullied, I got abused, betrayed, I got denied every word and feeling I could come up with, and gaslighted as f***.
    What saved me was my curiosity. People's behaviour and denial pushed me harder into trying to understand how I felt and why they told me it was wrong.
    Why I felt so lonely. And why people lied so much in order to look alike and get some very conditional, transactional love.
    Today I am building healthy relationships, based on an ever growing love for myself.
    I believe in the power that comes from inside.
    I believe in getting to know oneself in order to get to know the world, and change it from our own work.
    Understand why things are and make it ok.
    You have a unique truth. There is a reason for your beliefs. A reason for your words and thoughts towards others and yourself.
    The Completion Process helps me tremendously through that understanding of who I am and what my needs are, making them ok, validating myself and giving myself what I need in order to get out of the loops of trauma.
    And as I facilitate I keep on understanding more about us and how we can, maybe, one day, feel like a real human family.
    I use it as the unique tool it is, to guide you inside yourself and meet the creativity of your own mind. Write yourself a new story, in your whole power.
    I want to listen to your uniqueness and be present with everything. Flaws, shame, fears, desires, tears and laughs are all part of who WE are. And they are here for a very valid reason.
    I want to see you and hear what you want to share with me.
    I want to support you into creating something new, something that brings relief and a sense of connection to yourself. I want to help you understand who you are, and why.
    We can get closer to what love is.
    Step by step. Owning back those aspects of ourselves that call for care and attention.

    If it resonates with you, please email me.

  • 150€ for a session (around 1h30) and then 40€ per 1/2h
  • Spanish, English, French
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