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  • Jacqueline Pena

  • Jacqueline Pena - Completion Process Certified Practioner
  • Jacqueline
  • Pena
  • Self Acceptance, Boundaries Codependency, Depression, Connecting With Your Heart, Parts Work, Anger
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  • About Yourself

  • My studies were in Early Childhood Education, where I learned very important social emotional tools for empowering young children. My choices led me in a completely different direction, working in hospitality. One thing remained a common theme in my life, people felt at ease to talk to me openly and were drawn to me for guidance.

    Having my own issues, in a time of having made a drastic change in my path, I came across Teal Swan. Her teachings immediately began to help me tremendously. I almost immediately applied to become a CPCP. Grateful beyond words to have been chosen, my time at Philia Centre, and since, has been transformational.

    I was given the opportunity to experience for myself, and learn how to guide others toward, the feeling of becoming whole again.

    In my sessions I commit to holding a safe space and connecting emotionally to the issues that are causing you the most pain in life, with understanding support and validation of all that is felt. I provide guidance toward integration by helping you dive into the pain and find answers within, and trusting your own inner guidance system.

  • 80€
  • English, Portuguese
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